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May 25, 2009



Here's an interesting link on the subject of Japanese-American history. Search on "Tacoma" - currently only 2 panoramic photos come up:

Very interesting site - check out the collections.

Chad Schneider

Excllent article! Those panoramic photos are something else!


More links for researchers:

Of particular interest is a pdf document HISTORY OF THE JAPANESE OF TACOMA - translated from the Japanese by James Watanabe, 1986. This translation of a 1917 chronicle contains detailed information on the activities of the Tacoma Japanese Association, histories of various Japanese organizations in the Tacoma area from the barbers union to the haiku clubs, and background information on most of the Japanese families in the greater Tacoma area.

Chad Schneider

Morgan, what great information you have....these articles are amazing. It's such an important part of our history and there should be some rememberance.

Crenshaw Sepulveda

1414 Tacoma Avenue S. Still standing and the home of a Japanese family from before the war. The house is now part of the Guadalupe house community. Inside the house are many photographs from the family's life and interment during the war. Fr. Bill Bischel lives there and i'm sure he'd love to show you the pictures and tell you of the amazing Japanese woman that lived in the house.


There's an effort in California to research and share information on its Japantowns - pretty cool site:

I would love to see something like this for Washingtopn too.


This is great info for me. I have been doing much family research and enjoying learning of other families stories, especially before the war. My grandmother was born and farmed in Sumner then the family moved owned and operated YAKIMA fruit and produce in Tacoma on South Tacoma Way! I made a trip back to do more research and the building is actually still there and is a flower shop (Funny grandma moved to California after the war and opened a flower shop). The building had an apartment above the store and that is where my grandmother and the family lived until Executive order 9066.We need to keep their stories alive!


I've enjoyed all the articles I've read from Tacoma Then and Now. I am looking for particular piece I read about Bill Blitz, or.....Bill? The Farmer Bank Robber. Please help me find it again.
Thank You.

P Oquist

Interested in more history stories of the Chinese in Tacoma? Check out "Straw Hats and Steel" by Lorraine Hildebrand.. (shes my mother) used as a NW History at U of W. Great pictures and fun facts.. she still is here and would love to talk history. P Oquist

llyn de danaan

Where can I find James Watanabe's translated essay? The link is broken. Thanks. LLyn De Danaan

Also. Does anyone have primary documents related to the 1920s/Uwajimaya? Photographs? Thanks.

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curtis johnson

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This is a really good educational experience with historical background. It's really inspire us. It displays houses and other sites and infrastructure sector.

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